Thanks to all the support and donations we have received, a tuition centre for disabled boys in Lalain (Jhang) Pakistan is now fully functional. The Jhok Aid project will continue to support the centre and the children who attend by facilitating transport and education.

This centre is Jhok Aid’s first project, for which we have invested £5000. Because disability is often a source of shame, children with special needs are often isolated at home.  Therefore the first task has been to identify the children and work with their families to encourage them to send their children to the centre.

  • We currently have 30 boys aged from 5 to 18 who visit the centre. A further 40 boys are on the waiting list. To keep the centre running effectively, we need £300 a month, which will cover rental, transport, food and tuition

For the centre to continue its activities successfully   we must provide modest but regularly available funds. In addition we need to ensure the centre’s success by replacing broken and obsolete equipment, guaranteeing that transportation of the children to the centre is safe and reliable and to ensure that we deliver suitable training and proper supervision.

We intend to expand the activities of the project by improving current facilities and extending it to girls.

How you can help: Sponsor a child

The cost of one child’s visit to the centre is a minimum of £12 a month. Your sponsorship would enable one of the children to benefit from the activities, companionship and training offered by the centre. Your sponsorship will cover basic costs.  You will receive a recent photograph of the child you will sponsor and updates on his progress.


A lot of disabled children in Pakistan are kept in the confines of their own homes. Often neglected and in some extreme cases starved to death. This is more often the case where female children are concerned. Supporting these girls and their families is a priority for Jhok Aid and we are working towards building facilities for the exclusive use of girls. Until we are able to build a centre large enough to accommodate a female classroom as well as a male one, Jhok Aid is funding female teachers to firstly, identify the disabled girls and secondly, set up regular home visits. 

  • We currently have one female teacher who has initiated visits to three households with disabled girls aged from 3 to 10. To keep this service running, we need to raise £60 a month. This sum will cover the costs of the teacher’s monthly salary.

This is a new campaign for Jhok Aid, arising from the success of the boys’ centre and the perceived need to offer similar opportunities to young girls with special needs.   We are therefore launching this campaign and we invite supporters to contribute to this important initiative.

How you can help: Sponsor a child

A weekly visit to a female child in her home costs approximately £10 a month. Your sponsorship would make such visits possible.  You will receive a recent photograph of the child you will sponsor and updates on his progress.


As we have outlined above, Jhok Aid aims to build a new tuition centre that is large enough to house female and male children. We shall provide a purpose-built centre that will cater to the specific needs of the children. This offer a more permanent facility for a larger number of children.

How you can help: Make a donation

If you would like to make a contribution to the centre and/or the home visits, please click here. The website will provide regular updates on the centre’s activities. If you have a preference as to where the money is spent, for example,   if you would like your contribution to go towards new computers, we can make sure that the funds are only used for this specific purpose.

Donate your time

If you would like to get involved in any of our fundraising events please click here to be taken to our fundraising page to find out how you can help.

Donate your skills

We would be delighted to hear from anyone with relevant expertise concerning the design, construction and running of the centre, please contact us.

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